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Welcome to Elite Creatives Management, your trusted partner in brand strategy and project management. Our company is dedicated to supporting your brand and helping you grow and scale. We offer a diverse selection of engagement options, ranging from single sessions to membership-oriented services.

How can we help you thrive?

As a brand strategist my role is instrumental in helping brands develop and grow. But we also aim to motivate you and inspire new ideas at any point in your journey.

Additionally we can help manage relationships with clients and potential partners. We have a heavy focus on communications.

Our strategic planning and partnerships ensure that your brand has all the resources to thrive. As your business progresses, we offer guidance to help you and your brand become investable and acquire funding.

How do we add value as a Management Company?

The most valuable thing other than your skill-- is your time. Working with us ensures your time is spent on your craft and you’re only bothered with important decisions that need your personal attention. We work as the thread that ties your personal and professional lives together.

Working with us means access to our vast network of experts and we can help facilitate relationships and opportunities. We want to foster our relationship with you to help offer career advancement and growth.

Public relations, media relations and exhibition opportunities all require negotiation and planning. We handle communications, logistics, travel arrangements and anything else that will make your life easier.

Who do we help?

◦ Entrepreneurs
◦ Brands
◦ Creators
◦ Service providers
◦ Multi disciplinary artist
◦ Founders

At Elite Creatives Management, we understand that each brand is unique, and we tailor our services to meet your specific needs. We're committed to fostering a collaborative and supportive relationship, providing personalized attention to every brand we represent.


We have tailored courses to help creatives, service providers and artist build their brand into a business.

Consulting Packages

*All memberships include access to our vast network of business professionals, resources and funding.
In collaboration with Club Debut all ECM clients will have access to Club Debut events
as well as exclusive rates on memberships and services.

Foundation membership – $299 per month


Our Foundation Membership is meant for onboarding and maintenance. Its intended to keep in our network and ensures you’ll receive invitations to exclusive events.

We will work behind the scenes to ensure your goals are being met and we are providing new opportunities for growth.

Signature Monthly Call: Gain valuable insights through a dedicated one-hour strategy call. We’ll discuss your goals and provide you with tools and insights to execute on your own.

We will discuss strategy and implementation and you will have the opportunity to hire ECM for projects at a members only rate.
No Monthly Commitment  
Premium Growth Package – $699 per month
This includes access to our business network and ensures you’ll receive invitations to exclusive events and hand selected introductions. These events include business matching events, business talks and panel discussions, investment meeting, production studios and exclusive immersive art events–and many more.
•Two calls per month: Enjoy the benefits of our Signature coaching and strategy call. Additional call will be tailored or based on clients specific request. We will also bring on specialist for specific calls. These calls will be at a consistent agreed upon time.
Weekly Text Touch Base: Stay on track with your progress. We will touch base via messenger weekly to make sure you’re staying on track and to keep you updated.
Access to Curated Information: Unlock a wealth of curated information specifically for you, including industry specific information and expert knowledge to enhance your growth.
Elite VIP Package – $3000 per month
(6 month min commitment)
Weekly Tailored Coaching Calls: Receive personalized, one-on-one weekly coaching calls focused on your individual needs and goals. We will bring on experts and business professionals to address all needs and provide new insights.
We will help you prioritize tasks: and map out your weeks and month for maximum efficiency. We ensure you’re staying on task and professional relationships are being maintained.

PR/Media and social media: We will provide press and media opportunities and help with your brand/personal image. This includes anything from public speaking coaching, to wardrobe stylists.

Biannual SEO and digital marketing assessment and strategy plan.
*Business Networking: We will consistently network on behalf of your brand providing new opportunities as well as maintaining existing relationships
Premium Matchmaking Services: Our Elite VIP members receive priority access to social events as well as customized matchmaking events, helping you connect with like-minded individuals and potential partners. This includes funding opportunities.

Brand Assessment - $333

• Pre Strategy Call (30 min): Before diving into your needs assessment, we’ll schedule a 30 min phone call to understand your goals, challenges, and unique brand identity.
•Thorough Brand Assessment: Our team of experienced consultants will conduct an in-depth analysis of your brand, evaluating your messaging and digital presence. You’ll receive a full report that highlights areas for improvement and growth.
•Post Assessment Action Plan Call (1 Hour): After the brand assessment, we’ll have another one-hour phone call to discuss the report and ways to move forward. We’ll provide actionable strategies to enhance your brand’s impact and resonate with your target audience.
•Customized Report: You’ll receive a detailed report summarizing the findings of the brand assessment and outlining the plan of action.

"Carli is 100% the type of person you want on your team. She is supportive, creative, thoughtful and will not only encourage you but help you figure out how to make your dreams and goals actually happen."

Even without a membership still get access to our unique video library filled with valuable information from top industry experts.